For 5 foot tall Amanda, a wedding planning career was not the original plan. With degrees in Finance and Marketing, Amanda spent 7 years working for an investment bank in NYC. All day long, she coordinated teams internally and externally, working toward closing major acquisition deals. Long hours were put in for something that was ultimately not very fulfilling.

However, through planning her own wedding, Amanda realized that wedding coordination was exactly the same as her banking job - ensuring all parties are on the same page and working together. However, the end goal was creating the most beautiful day for a couple. It sparked a passion in her and she turned her attention from rallying bankers to rallying vendors and putting her effort into curating the perfect day for her clients

I'm Amanda



Fun Fact: Amanda's husband's one request for the wedding was that their french bulldog, Bruce, make an appearance for photos

Fun Fact 2: While coffee is a necessity, Amanda refuses to drink it black - it needs to have creamer in it

Fun fact: Donna is actually Amanda's future sister-in-law. Yup, she's planning her own wedding too! From the beginning, Donna has been Amanda's right-hand woman at events. As a full-time preschool teacher, Donna's organizational skills and ability to wrangle the bridal party makes getting ready and group photos a breeze. She's a fan favorite of groomsmen, as she always makes sure their boutonnieres are pinned on correctly, because honestly, they never know how to do it themselves!

I'm Donna

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