November 22, 2021

Detail Photos, Oh My!

Photo by Ishan Fotografi

We’ve all seen those gorgeous flatlay photos on Instagram, that feature florals, wedding invites, the rings, and more. But what we don’t see is the prep work that goes behind those photos and the time it takes to get those perfect shots!

Detail photos are likely the first photos your photographer will take when they arrive the morning if your wedding, so it’s crucial that you (as the bride or groom) have all the items they’ll need readily accessible for them when they arrive. I always recommend packing 2 small boxes – one for each partner – and having them in your getting ready space so as soon as your photographer walks in, you can hand them the box and they can get started while you keep drinking a mimosa!

Here’s what should be included in each box:


2 copies of your wedding invitation and 1 copy of your Save the Date (if you still have on lying around somewhere)

A ring box with at least 2 slots, preferably in a color that matches your theme

Your earrings and bracelet for the day (if you’re wearing any)

A full perfume bottle of your special day scent – please buy a new bottle for the big day! No one wants photos of a half-full bottle.

Both wedding bands – yours and your fianc├ęs. Once the photos are done, the rings can be given to the Best Man.

Engagement Ring – this is probably on your finger already! When the photographer arrives, they’ll likely ask for it so they can capture all 3 rings together.

Wedding Day shoes

Your bouquet – now this is an important one; make sure your florist will be delivering the florals prior to your photographer arriving!!

Loose flowers – most florists include them, but make sure to ask if they can include a couple loose stems when they drop off your personal flowers, so the photographer doesn’t need to pull flowers off a bouquet.

Any other personal items for the day! This can be anything from personalized koozies you’re giving out at the reception, memory charms that you’ll be adding to the bouquet, family heirlooms you want captured, etc.


Bowtie or Tie

Cologne – same things goes as above, a full bottle!

Cufflinks (if applicable)

Wedding Day shoes

Boutonniere – will be delivered by the florist that morning

If there’s any questions about what should (or shouldn’t) be included, please don’t hesitate to ask me or your photographer!

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