April 4, 2024

Weather Contingency Plans: How to Prepare for Outdoor Weddings in NJ

Photographer: Philip Siciliano

Outdoor weddings are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get weather-wise. While we all dream of perfect conditions, the reality is Mother Nature doesn’t always RSVP with sunshine. It can bring unexpected guests like rain, wind, or even a heatwave. Especially here in NJ, where it seems like it has been raining EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND….. 

That’s why having a contingency plan is not just recommended; it’s essential. While having a Plan B is crucial, navigating the logistics can be overwhelming. At Petite Planning Company, any outdoor event we plan will always have a contingency plan so we are ready for anything – be it a surprise downpour, a spike in temperature, or any other unexpected twist. It’s not a fun topic to discuss, but it’s an important one to have in place so we can swiftly set the backup plans in motion without missing a best. 

Let’s dive into understanding what you should think about and prepare for when planning an outdoor event.

Some things to consider

1. Embrace the Great Outdoors, Plan for the Not-So-Great

First off, choosing an outdoor venue means you’ve already embraced the idea of nature playing a significant role in your big day. Now, let’s plan for her mood swings. When touring venues, ask about their weather contingency options. Do they have an indoor space that can match the beauty of the outdoors? Can a tent be set up quickly if clouds gather? Knowing your options ahead of time means you won’t be caught off guard.

2. Tent It Up

Speaking of tents, they are the Swiss Army knife in your weather contingency toolkit. Not only do they protect your guests from rain, but with the right setup, they can also shield everyone from that unexpected autumn chill or a particularly fierce sun. 

Pro Tip: When tent shopping, consider ones with removable sides – they offer flexibility to quickly adapt to changing weather conditions.

Photographer: Stephanie Naru Photo

3. Timing is Everything

Did you know that certain times of the year are more prone to weather unpredictability? Do a little homework on your chosen location. If you’re eyeing a spring wedding, remember, April showers bring May flowers. Planning for a time of year when the weather is more stable can reduce the chances of a weather-related hiccup.

4. Keep Your Guests in the Loop

Communication is key. If there’s a potential change due to weather, let your guests know as soon as possible. Whether it’s through your wedding website, social media, or a quick text blast, keeping everyone informed not only shows thoughtfulness but also helps manage expectations. Plus, it ensures Aunt Linda won’t show up in her 3-inch heels if the venue has been moved to a softer, potentially muddier setting.

5. Plan B Styling

Your Plan B location doesn’t have to feel like a second choice. Work with your planner and stylists to ensure your backup plan is as beautiful as your original. This might mean having additional décor items on standby that can transform any space to match your vision.

6. The Power of Positivity

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, keep a positive mindset. There’s a certain magic in not letting the uncontrollable control your day. Embrace the moment, rain or shine. After all, there’s something undeniably romantic about a couple dancing in the rain, completely lost in their love for each other.

Remember, outdoor weddings come with a unique set of challenges, but with a well-thought-out weather contingency plan, you’re setting yourself up for a memorable celebration for all the right reasons. But if the idea of navigating weather uncertainties feels overwhelming, let’s chat. At Petite Planning Company we specialize in creating seamless, beautiful outdoor weddings, prepared for anything the skies might throw our way. Reach out today, and let’s make magic happen, rain or shine!

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